A simple and convenient operation is important for the sawyer. Higher performance is achieved this way. We offer multiple versions: the traditional lever operation for the hydraulics and the joystick for the saw operation. Electric valves have the disadvantage that you cannot work with them delicately. 
Several years ago, we therefore developed our professional line control system together with hydraulics and electronics specialists. Here we only work with so-called "proportional valves", which can emit very small doses. Read more under professional line operation.

Wimmer-Saw head control

Saw head control
Using the joystick, the saw head of our log band saw can be moved in all four directions via one-handed operation (forward-backward-up-down). We use a frequency converter for a continuous feed. This allows you to meter the feed rate very finely.

Positioning control

Almost all of our log band saws that we supply are equipped with a positioning controller to set the desired cutting thickness. This works faster and more accurately than positioning the saw head by hand.


With our log band saws, we use a control system with a touchscreen that has proven itself over many years and can also be easily used in mobile applications. A mechanical ammeter is no longer necessary. All functions are controlled via the control system. It is possible to store various dimensions on demand, to save a client's memory and much more. The operator has all of the information at one central control panel. With the push of a button, the control system can be set to the respective national language. 

Automatic feed control

We first used this in 2001 in our log band saws. With the automatic feed control, the feed rate is controlled by the power consumption of the main motor

Full automatic system

Already in 2001, we outfitted our log band saws with fully automatic systems. This increases productivity enormously, especially for production facilities and primarily in the cutting of slats. It is also possible to manage with less operating personnel. (Osenstätter) Because the safety of our customers is important for us, this is ensured by a light barrier. 

Modem for remote maintenance

Especially with individual control outfitting, it is always necessary to make adjustments. This can be done by installing a modem ex factory. The customer therefore saves on start-up costs.

Vertical support monitoring

If the vertical supports are higher than the saw blade, the feed is disabled, so that cutting is prevented. A display on the screen indicates this to the operator.

Automatic shavings box emptying

There are many reasons for the operator to forget to empty the shavings box. This has the consequence that the sawdust can dirty the cast wheels and this leads to tooth depth cracks. To prevent this, an automatic emptying can be attached. The shavings box is then automatically emptied at a location desired by the operator. Also the number of cleanouts can be set by the operator.

Return by foot switch

This is another instrument to facilitate the operator's work and to increase performance. Once a cut is finished and the saw head of our log band saw has been moved upward, the operator can initiate the return of our log band saw via a foot switch. The operator then has both hands free and can therefore handle other matters immediately (e.g. programming a new dimension). Using sensors in the frame, the Wimmer saw carriage is braked and then also stopped. A hard impact of the saw head on the limit stops is a thing of the past.


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