Completely revised operational concept

The ease of use of this saw is at the highest level, just as you would otherwise only know from large sawmills. Two joysticks that the operator can occupy flexibly with different functions according to his needs allow for optimal and therefore efficient workflows. With the use of proportional valves in the hydraulic system, we achieve a high speed of the movements. Nevertheless, at the crucial moment, these movements are also very sensitive, so that high-quality lumber can be handled with care.

Advantages of the new controller:

•    The hydraulic valves are located directly on the consumer. This allows a rapid and direct response of functions, even under extreme conditions.

•    The hydraulic lines are optimised in the cross-section, where all of the movements function at optimal speed with the lowest losses.

•    The hydraulic pump only runs on demand, resulting in up to 50% energy savings in the hydraulics.

•    A frequency converter controls the motor of the hydraulic pump and thus provides the optimum flow rate for all functions.

•    All functions are fully programmable, so they can be customised to suit the operator. By request, several joystick assignments can be stored (user-specific).

•    The currently active joystick assignment is displayed on the 15" display. Log handling or sawing operation is done simply through ergonomical switching located on the same joysticks


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